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Manage your bookings, host video calls and get paid, all through our platform.

As a hair and beauty professional you have knowledge and experience that you share with your clients each and every day. Now, through Salon Consult, you can inform and inspire many more via paid video consultations. Individuals who are keen to understand how best to colour and style their hair at home or in-between salon appointments.

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Shopping Cart Process

Build a shopping cart and share with your client and benefit from product sales.

After consultation with your clients you can recommend and select the perfect products and colours for their needs, all chosen from industry leading hair and beauty brands that you already know and trust. The client is then able to purchase these professional products online via a shared cart with you earning commission from each sale.


Salon Consult is only available for leading hair and beauty professionals with experience and credentials to match. Our reputation is based on offering insightful and intelligent advice to clients who then choose to come back as and when required. Equally, we will promote the service in a professional manner that provides you with new clients.


Join and start earning through online video consultations.